Quiz: Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?

The girl of your dreams calls you “Chacha”, how do you react?

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Doesn’t matter, you persist. You call her every night at 2 am and say, “Amake chino nai? Ami toh tomake prottekdin dekhi dui beni kore school e jao, heh heh heh.”
There’s no time for this, you have university admission tests to think about.
You woo her with your kind and sweet gestures and stick by her side even when she misses GPA 5 in SSC like a dumbass.
You call her mom and tell her all about all the times her daughter skipped school to meet up with her boyfriend.
This doesn’t concern you much, you know she will eventually fall for you because you are one of a kind. You are destined to solve great problems like traffic in Dhaka.

Your Significant Other’s parents are not home but they live in Mirpur. What do you do?

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You have special means to avoid traffic and get to your sweetheart.
You go there swimming through the Shewrapara river like the good boyfriend/girlfriend you are.
Spatial restrictions are for petty humans only, you can fly.
You call up your men and they arrange boats for your safe travel through Mirpur.
You were already hiding inside their closet, biding your time to jump them as soon as their parents left.
You plant wildfire in Dhaka’s sewage system so that all the roads blow up and take out the traffic. Then you sip rooh afza and wait for your boyfriend/girlfriend to come to you.

Pick a shorbot

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You hear that your next door neighbour bhabi has been spewing terrible gossip about your daughter. How do you combat this?

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You start flirting with the bhabi’s daughter.
You gather all the dirt on the bhabi and her extended family, then you drop bombshells in a dawat that contains all the bhabis in existence.
You confront her lying ass. Nobody bothers your kid.
You draw up an elaborate plan with your righteous bhabi clan and go to her house to solve the issue.
You stick by your daughter’s side and defend her against all assaults.
You breathe fire on bhabi’s hair.

You are affected by Chikungunya. What do you do now?

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Sleep without a moshari and voluntarily keep all the windows open so that everyone around you gets affected.
You would never get Chikungunya, your skin is too thick for mosquitos to penetrate.
You take the best care of yourself by covering yourself with a katha 24/7 and living inside a moshari until you get cured so that your family does not get affected.
You gather all your friends from college to get them to record your classes and give you notes to help you prepare for upcoming university admission tests.
You order your boys to kill all the mosquitos in the hood and they eradicate chikungunya completely.
You try your best to get your crush affected so the two of you can finally bond over mutual illness.

Your BUET admission test is tomorrow. Your friend texts you and asks you if you want the leaked question paper. You -

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You are the friend offering the question paper.
You meet up with your friend and kill him/her. Nobody else can get the question paper except you.
You are the star of Tukhor Batch in Udvash. You would never use such means, you have been preparing for this test since the day you were born.
You try to convince your friend to see the light and write the exam with full honesty.
You denounce everyone involved in leaking the question paper by writing a long Avro status on Facebook. This is wrong, and must be punished appropriately.
You can’t even apply for the test. You have stopped caring about worldly matters like university admissions.