Stealing Content from Rantages

Making content on the internet is like buying an expensive phone, blindfolding yourself and walking slowly on the footpaths of Gulistan. It will get stolen regardless of what you do because some people are too lazy to earn an honest day’s worth of Facebook likes.



The best you can do is find the perpetrator and shame them into crediting your work. We’ve done this numerous times thanks to our fans, and pages which unknowingly published fan submitted work that was made by us.


How Thieves View Internet Content

One famous page, now shut down because they bit more than they could chew, treated Internet content as public property. Their idea was that if it’s on the internet, it’s nobody’s and memes are meant to be shared. That argument, while flawed, can still be seen where it comes from (read: his ass). That ideology behind “sharing” instantly fails when you have your content’s watermark removed and replaced. Here’s an example:

nostalogic 2 nostalogic

It takes a special kind of bravery to replace a watermark on the internet, add a frame and release the content as your own.


Why Do We Make Content?

I’ll use a simple equation that can be applied to most comedians, alright?

fuck all of you who said I am bad at math.

Explained in one line: making you laugh makes us feel that the oxygen we breathe is justified for a little while. Especially when you know that it was us who made you laugh. This is literally it. We’ve been running Rantages for 7 years based on this simple principle.


Why do we care about stolen content when all we care about is you laughing?

It’s like when the teacher asks a question, you say the correct answer but your voice isn’t too loud. The class asshole then repeats the same thing, except louder and the teacher exclaims “Very good, Moja Losss!”  Remember how you felt when that happened? That’s exactly how we feel when our watermark is desecrated.


Did we seriously just lecture you about memes?

Internet memes are srs bsns.

So what happens when someone takes credit for our work?

remove page

Just kidding we won’t delete our page. We’ll be doing this instead.

bnoose done for
P.S: If you want to publish our content on your page or whatever, make sure that the watermark stays and there’s a link to our page or website.

TGL Out.




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